Sri Lanka to buy fourth gantry crane from China’s Zhenhua

ZPMC gantry cranes in Colombo, Sri Lanka
CRANE: ZPMC gantry cranes are already in use in Colombo.

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ECONOMYNEXT – State-run Sri Lanka Ports Authority has been cleared to buy a fourth gantry crane from China’s Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, the state information office said.

Sri Lanka had earlier ordered three ship to shore (STS) gantry cranes from Zhenhua.

The fourth crane is ordered on the same terms as the earlier three containers, as allowed by procurement rules in Sri Lanka, in proposal submitted by Ports Minister Sagala Ratnayake.

The cranes will be used at Sri Lanka Ports Authority run Jaye Container Terminal.

SLPA has started a project to boost the output of older terminals with newer equipment.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries has a service company in Sri Lanka. It is a joint venture with Colombo-based Access group. (Colombo/Sept26/2019)

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