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Sri Lanka seeks clearance from style=”color: red;”China to land rescue flight in Wuhan

Sri Lanka has sought permission from China to land a plane to evacuate 32 students and their families from the epicenter of a deadly virus outbreak, while state-run SriLankan airlines had halved ticket prices elsewhere for China.

Sri Lanka rupee, bond yields steady at open

Sri Lanka’s rupee was quoted steady at 181.50/60 to the US dollar in the spot market on Monday from last week, while bond yields opened flat and stocks fell 0.68 percent at open

Sri Lanka farmgate fresh milk prices soar as demand outpaces supply

Sri Lanka's farmgate fresh milk prices have soared around 20 percent in some areas amid tighter supplies and competition from milk processors, as global whole milk prices also picked up industry officials said.


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Lanka IOC net up on lower oil bill in Dec

Lanka IOC Plc, the Sri Lankan unit of an Indian state-owned petroleum firm, said its net profits for the December quarter grew to 489.75 million rupees from a 986.88 million rupee loss a year earlier on a falling oil bill.

Latest Last
US Dollar 181.4156 181.4718
UK Pound 237.9719 238.3632
Euro 200.5096 201.2341
Aus Dollar 124.1608 124.7256
Yen 1.6572 1.6548
Source: Central Bank/Indicative
Indian Rupee 2.5408 2.5292
Korea Won 0.1553 0.1555
Oman Rial 471.1726 471.3614
Saudi Riyal 48.3607 48.3899
UAE Dirham 49.3897 49.4050
Source: Central Bank/Indicative
S&P SL20 2,883.01 +0.21
CSE All Share 5,991.29 +0.11
Turnover Rs million. 492.7
Source: Central Bank/Indicative
3-m bill 7.51 7.53
6-m bill 8.00 7.99
12-m bill 8.47 8.45
5-yr bond 9.66 9.67
8-yr bond 9.87 9.89
Source: Central Bank/Indicative
Overnight Money 7.47 7.48
Gilt Repo 7.50 7.51
I-m SLIBOR 7.90 7.90
Source: Central Bank/Indicative

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